Poem #386

I don’t believe it’s a simulation, but if this is life, I don’t know why it’s glorified. There is something questionable about existence having a … Poem #386

Self-Improvement vs. Life Improvement

By Chris Bunton I have read tons of self help books and articles over the years. I have watched videos and listened to books on tape from all the … Self-Improvement vs. Life Improvement

The First Man on TV

The first person to be seen on a television screen was a 20-year-old office boy , William Taynton, who happened to work in the same building in … The First Man on TV


The self-improvement game is not for the weak. Well, it is but it isn’t. Being weak in some form or another is probably what lead you to the self-… STAMINA AND SELF IMPROVEMENT


There comes a time in all of our lives that we find ourselves looking from the outside in. Looking back and reflecting on our actions, our current mindset, and the path forwards. Sometimes we look back and cringe, in shame, or we look back and we’re proud of some of the things we’ve accomplished so… Continue reading Reflection

Daily Kind Quote

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Self-Improvement Hack: Don’t Say It!

I think I’ve finally discovered something positive about social media, Modern Philosophers! Now I will admit that comment was somewhat provocative … Self-Improvement Hack: Don’t Say It!


The long and slightly winding road. It doesn’t look much but it’s a bit of a pull up that slope. Unsurprisingly this little lane blocks quickly when … Slope


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